General Accounting Services

  • Implement the most simple business structures and strategies to ensure that our clients do not pay more taxation than is necessary.
  • Assist you with planning and budgeting for your proceeding financial year's taxation liabilities.
  • Take the continuous paperwork out of your hands of compliance
  • Keep you on track to adhere to business and compliance deadlines

Accounting Information Systems

  • Burton Partners provides the professional services of an on-site trainer and installer of the M.Y.O.B. accounting package.
  • We view M.Y.O.B. as one of the most user-friendly packages available on the market today.
  • Burton Partners offers on-site education and training sessions along with ongoing support. We ascertain your individual needs and accounting requirements so you're accounting system is tailored to suit your individual business requirements.


  • Provide sound financial loan solutions to everyday business and personal needs including;
    • Home Loans
    • Motor Vehicle Finance
    • Equipment Finance
    • Business Finance
    • Commercial Finance